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The Gift of Real Hospitality...

Handwritten notes. Expertly curated handcrafted salts, chocolates, cocktail bitters, pantry goodies and more. Gorgeous gift wrapping. Support from real people, to help you get all the details just right. We're gifting experts, and we're here to help send good tidings and cheer this holiday season. Please fill out the form below or send us an inquiry! 

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Any machine can stamp a logo on a mug. We do things differently. We start with obsessively curated treasures bearing the unmistakable stamp of the people who made them, the places they come from, and the little shop (that’s us!) that brought them together. We make every gift distinct with words taken from, or inspired by, your company. And of course, we box everything up by hand using natural packing materials, and we write out your cards by hand—or include your own handwritten cards. In creating your unique corporate gifts we can create something entirely new from scratch, or take inspiration from our most beloved gifts below.

Gift with Confidence.

We’ve been doing corporate gifts for 16 years! Our concierge service assures your satisfaction and peace of mind throughout. We'll make the entire process easy and breezy. You can simply send us your list, or you can leverage our to notch technology to manually control each and every gift. The choice is yours.

And we do this affordably. Maybe too affordably! But we do have our reasons; we hope that by bringing you back to us year after year, together we can nurture lasting relationships with your clients, your employees, and your company. Let's create real gifts that express your real gratitude. Let's make this happen!

A box created by The Meadow kindles feelings of loyalty and belonging. It works its magic by not just saying you care, but by showing it, by proving that you see someone, respect them, and recognize their contribution. We all know a real thing when we see it. We can feel it. Imagine stepping into the break room and finding employee gushing over the gifts they got, comparing notes with mixed satisfaction and envy, telling stories about the time they drank a spritz on the Amalfi coast, or shared a dazzling dark chocolate bar with a friend, schemed up a surprise dinner for their partner.

Email us! Or fill out our handy-dandy form. We will get back to you within 48 hours to customize the perfect corporate or group gift option for your clients or colleagues.

Festive Cheer Awaits!